Shaving thoughts

I read some thoughts about shaving on the smol web and was very glad because even though I have shaved for years, I recently realized that I had no clue what I was doing and just learning a bit has improved exponentially the experience!


I appreciate the honest journey and review and I thought that I’d like to join in sharing too :)

I should start by saying that I hate shaving! But I also hate how I look when I don’t shave. And to top it all off, my wife has opinions about me wearing sandpaper in my face and sticking said sandpaper in her face…

Well, in a moment of frustration I decided to turn to YouTube and check for ideas. Long ago I had bought a safety razor and thus, since I already had the hardware, decided to start looking there.

Ok, how do I put it, there was this one product that changed everything! No specific brands or anything but, idk how I never had heard about shaving oil! Shaving oil! It’s something to put on the skin before the shaving cream and it allows the blade to glide way easier over the skin causing A LOT LESS irritation. I’m sure I’m a pinch I could use baby oil to the same effect, but it was a game changer for me.

Continuing with the safety razor, it took me probably two shaves in which I got a small nick, but after that, I can even shave in a hurry and not look like a scarecrow afters. It turns out that, like everything, it is a skill. And being able to use a blade every two shaving or so since they are very cheap (no plastic to talk about, thus the trash that I produce is nothing compared with all the trash produced by cartridge razors) allows me to have very sharp and repeatable shave every time!

I recently decided to upgrade the handle I use and went with the AL-13 from Henson shaving and I can wait to try it!

It’s fascinating to me how with just a bit of research and learning something that was a chore has become something that I enjoy doing.

Anyways, just my two cents :)


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