re: why gemini is boring

Having read a couple of posts about Gemini being boring I wanted to join the conversation.

I think that for me, even if Gemini in intentional about this, I can’t just write something that I don’t think people will read. It might be still being contaminated by social media dirt and the pursue of views/likes/relevance, but just writing what I find interesting, i.e. talking to the void, is kind of scary.

While it’s freeing to not have views or likes or upvotes or whatever, using Gemini as a notepad to put stuff interesting to me that nobody else might see is kind of, idk, weird to me (which, if I’m completely honest, is probably why I’m writing a re: instead of just a plain post)

At the same time I came here today amidst a career change in which I need to be a lot more intentional about my big internet presence, and I thought to myself “hmmm… in Gemini I can speak my mind and the likelihood that any prospective client might ever see this is almost nil!” (not that I’m planning to say anything particularly inappropriate)

Now, this is turning into a nonsensical soliloquy, but I think (hope) it captures the feelings of freedom mixed with the desire to be heard with the fear of being irrelevant plus the hope of becoming free from the brain disorders caused or amplified social media and the big internet

The end



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