Re: Spending My Own Money for Office Comfort?

Just came across a post and I have a small confession to make… sometimes I spend too much on Reddit. One of the few subreddits I follow is r/battlestations where people post photos of their home offices/gaming stations/workstations. That subreddits with its instagram-like pictures is the biggest reason for all the money and effort I’ve spent in my office! But the results have been very much worth it for me!

I now have two separate desks, one being my work desk with my employer’s equipment and the second my desk where my personal computer is. Being a tinkerer and having an aesthetically pleasing space is so comforting for me! I can sit down and jump into some complicated topic that I want to learn or work on a personal project that I’m interested in!

Maybe is just me, but spaces affects me a lot. I could and have tried to do those things, say, in my living room on my laptop… but there I’ll be fighting myself to do anything deeper than watching a YT video… so for me, spending my own money for (home) office comfort is totally worth it!



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